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Sunday , December 4 , 2016

Navigating death

In Paris as an invité d'honneur for an Indian-themed literary festival, I found I was unoccupied and at a loose end, as any invité d'honneur will be. The idea that a successful literary festival will focus on literature is quixotic a......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

A cold and warm season

Sir - Winter is my favourite season; although it brings hardships it also c... | Read»

Follow it up

Sir - Presently, debates are on among the intelligentsia about the necessit... | Read»

Parting shot

Sir - Lachit Borphukan was one of the greatest warriors of all times. He is... | Read»


Power of the past

Animal fat is a potent thing. In the middle of the 19th century, it nearly brought down a mighty empire. The power of animal fat is now being felt in the home of the empire......   | Read..
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bullet Empty chair

Whatever of my memories hadn't crumbled into dust must surely by now have been altered by the passage of time... if you want to keep a memory pristine, you must not call upon it too often, for each time it is revisited, you alter it irrevocably, remembering not the original impression left by experience but the last time you recalled it. With tiny differences creeping in at each cycle, the exercise of our memory does not bring us closer to the past but draws us farther away. - SALLY MANN