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| Sunday, December 4, 2016 |


The call of the sea

Sailing was once an elite hobby but is now attracting a bevy of enthusiasts and first-timers, says Sushmita Biswas

For Mumbai-based Shakeel Kudrolli, life’s a beach. A corporate lawyer turned avid sailor, Kudrolli, 55, quit the high-powered world of corporate law and set up Aquasail, a sailing solutions and training company that now has 80 boats of... | Read»

High and heady

High-alcohol cocktails are becoming a big hit with young party animals and pubcrawlers, says Susmita Saha

Imagine sipping on a seriously stiff cocktail that throws in a whopping 30ml vodka, 30ml gin, 30ml white rum, 30ml dark rum, along with cola, star anise, palm jaggery syrup and fresh mint? The boozy cocktail goes by the name of Smoking Chimney and... | Read»

A lavish canvas

Designers Rimple and Harpreet Narula’s sprawling home is crammed with artworks and intricately carved furniture, says Susmita Saha

As one walks in through the doors of Rimple and Harpreet Narula’s residence, the chaos and commotion of Delhi’s Maharani Bagh recedes into the background. The fashion designers, who are originally from Ludhiana, moved here with their... | Read»

Going the whole hog

The Japanese love pork above all other meats and prepare a wide array of dishes with it, says Rahul Verma

What’s the dish that comes to your mind the moment you think of Japanese cuisine? Sushi, most likely. The nori wrapped rolls are to Japan what, say, tiramisu is to Italy, or paella to Spain.  | Read»

Rumble in the jungle

The striped stars stayed out of sight at Bandhavgarh and Kanha till the very last moment, says Supriya Newar

When the recommended cocktail for the evening is called Tiger’s Paw, the art gallery next door has a room dedicated to tiger art, and the stillness all around is broken only by the  call of a leopard, you are unmistakably in... | Read»

Video wars

The Big Boys of the Internet world are locked in a fierce battle for the video calling space, says Tushar Kanwar

As if we didn’t spend enough time on the app already, the folks at WhatsApp just made their biggest play yet by rolling out video calling to over one billion users worldwide on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. With... | Read»

A smart comeback

Director Nikhil Advani has had many ups and downs, but is now back in the reckoning with his new TV series P.O.W. and other upcoming films

My debut film Kal Ho Naa Ho threw me in the spotlight in 2003, but my biggest turning point was yet to come! The hard-hitting D-Day in 2013 starring Irrfan Khan and Arjun Rampal proved to be a huge milestone in my career as a filmmaker. | Read»