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Saturday , November 12 , 2016

An encounter too close

In recent weeks and months, ruling party ideologues as well as some television anchors have argued that anyone who criticized any aspect of the army's functioning was not acting in the interests of the Nation. Now there are many things to admire a......   | Read..

Voices from the countryside

Rural India's diversity is well known. Yet the fact that more than 833 million people live in India's villages, speak over 780 languages, and use 86 different scripts shoul......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Slow down

• Sir - Some citizens may want to thank the government for repairing existi... | Read»

Pay day

•  Sir - It is heartening that the Supreme Court has said that ad hoc and t... | Read»

Picture imperfect

•  Sir - A few weeks ago, I had crossed the Howrah Bridge in a bus headed t... | Read»

Going under

•  Sir - The editorial, "Hidden danger" (Oct 27), draws attention to the Wo... | Read»

Choked flow

•  Sir - A one-day ban had been imposed on NDTV by the government of India.... | Read»

Laying claim

•  Sir - I have to say a few things about the claim by the chief of the Ras... | Read»

Venomous air

•  Sir -The air quality in the state capital has taken a hit due to an incr... | Read»


A matter of riches

The increase in donations to temples after demonetization was announced reveals certain less than pleasant aspects of Indian society...   | Read..

And I'll dance with you in Vienna/ I'll be wearing a river's disguise/ The hyacinth wild on my shoulder,/ My mouth on the dew of your thighs/ And I'll bury my soul in a scrapbook,/ With the photographs there, and the moss/ And I'll yield to the flood of your beauty/ My cheap violin and my cross.


Sound explored through silence
Visual Arts
In his book, The Triumph of Modernism, Partha Mitter argues that modern Indian artists of the past century, while being opposed to the overall project of 'colonial modernity', fruitfully and c......   | Read..
Taking a big risk
When theatre presents mythological lore about popular deities, it inevitably risks the injustice of compressing reams of important episodes into a two-hour span, as well as attempting to reconcile ......   | Read..
Journeys filled with melody
The reverberation of sound creates its own language. This language forms the basis of all instruments, which develop the shades of sound on a broader spectrum. The late tabla maestro, Pandit Shanka......   | Read..