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| Sunday, November 6, 2016 |


Paddle power

Kayaking is the hot, new aquatic sport that offers thrills, spills and huge fun on India’s waterways, says Saimi Sattar

It has been a fast ride in the water for Manik Taneja. When he started, the Bangalore-based owner of GoodWave Adventures had only a trickle of custo-mers ready to head out on the kayaking expeditions that he was offering.  | Read»

Screens under the stars

Pop-up movies at informal outdoor locations are becoming all the rage, says Sushmita Biswas

Have you ever fancied the idea of watching a classic like Roman Holiday on the big screen while lying on a lawn under a star-lit sky?  | Read»

All-season stars

Trans-seasonal outfits are the hot new trend in clothing that can be worn throughout the year, no matter how the mercury moves, says Lubna Salim

Do you ever wish for a wardrobe that’s versatile enough to see you through all the seasons? Then trans-seasonal clothing, the latest buzzword in the global fashion circuit, will put an end to all your dressing dilemmas.  | Read»

Funky fusion

These vegetarian dishes that have been given an international twist aim to take you by surprise, says Rahul Verma

Diwali has come and gone. Christmas is around the corner. We are done with one food fest, and now await another. So what we do in between? We go vegetarian. Did I hear you say ‘bleah’? | Read»

Dazzling Dubai

The Middle-Eastern city has turned into an opulent, man-made fantasy world and a shopper's paradise, says Radhika Sen

Fast-moving, man-made and determined to make its mark as the go-to-place for luxury — Dubai doesn’t fail to fascinate the wide-eyed Indian traveller who can experience all the frills of a cutting-edge Western world combined with... | Read»

The juicier way

If you’re tired of watery juices that haven’t been able to help your ambitious weight loss programme, it's time you tried a glass of cold-pressed juice. Cold-pressed juices are produced using machines that do not generate any heat... | Read»

Google's smart call

The tech giant has the iPhone in its sights as it launches the Pixel and Pixel XL which marry sturdy hardware and efficient software, says Tushar Kanwar

Ladies and gents, the Google “iPhones” are here. Eight years into running the Android programme, Google’s seems to be tired of letting third-party partners showcase (and sometimes ruin) the potential of Android. You might say... | Read»

Swinging success

Golfer SSP Chawrasia overcame all obstacles and became the third Indian to take part in the prestigious European Tour

I’ve spent a major part of my life at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club (RCGC) where my father worked as a greenkeeper who looked after the course. Since he did this job for a long time we lived in the servant quarters near the course. By the... | Read»