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| Sunday, November 6, 2016 |


KASHGAR: Lost Frontier

Lost to India, of course, and being profitably milked by Pakistan and China. Farooq Renzushah recounts the fascinating intrigue and geostrategic games played along the old Silk Route in the northern Kashmir borderlands, and how the much talked about CPEC came to be

About 600 kilometres north of Kashmir, in far western China's ear-shaped Xinjiang region, lies Kashgar. Apart from the first half of its name, Kashgar shares with Kashmir its fragile celestial beauty. Again like Kashmir, it is strategically... | Read»

Care with no care for the future

Ananya Sengupta travels to Udaipur to meet two of only seven sets of foster parents in the country and size up the daring and dilemmas of their selfless enterprise

The one-room house in Savina, a lower-middle class locality in Udaipur, isn't fancy. One big bed is all there is for furniture. The most visible aspect of the room is the number of racks jutting... | Read»

Lather in my Gangajal and Gangajal in my noodle

North Calcutta's charms are earthly, and best served frozen - in time

THE KALI Puja pandals are being dismantled, one bamboo at a time, and I am reminded of the time I spent in Calcutta some years ago. When idols of the curly-haired Vishwakarma came up on the... | Read»

Approaching fast: a dead line

Calcutta is letting its legendary tram network bleed, reports Avijit Chatterjee. Photographs by Subhendu Chaki

The Tollygunge Tram Depot is located bang in the middle of Deshpran Sashmal Road, one of the busiest thoroughfares in south Calcutta. | Read»

Tandava Scientist

V. Kumara Swamy profiles Ramesh Raskar, the award-winning master of disruptive technologies

As a child, Ramesh Raskar often wished that he had a pair of eyes at the back of his head to help him see what was happening behind him. The fascination to see what was not visible went on to... | Read»