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| Sunday, October 30, 2016 |


baby ko SPACE pasand aye!!

It’s not just Kangana and Anushka; this story has gone from reel to real. Across Haryana, young women are breaking stereotypes and claiming their place in the world. On the eve of its birthday, Sonia Sarkar travelled across the state to get a feel of their feisty rebellion. Photographs by Rajesh Kumar and Prem Singh

Veil over her face, Babli Moudgil kickstarts her scooter parked in a muddy by-lane of Bibipur village in Haryana's Jind. The day's work is done, and she is on her way back home. | Read»

Sunrise Industry: Flying East

Now that the central government has pushed for it , air travel is set to take off in the northeast in a big way, reports Avijit Chatterjee

Suniel Abujam remembers the mandatory 20-hour bus journeys he had to suffer as a student travelling from Guwahati to his village near Imphal during the holidays. That was 10 years ago; Abujam was... | Read»

Cub to Lion

Dev Patel has come a long way since Slumdog Millionaire and has a fair fare lined up to hit the international screens, reports Shrabani Basu from the London film festival

When Dev Patel heard that Saroo Brierley's memoir A Long Way Home was being adapted as a film, he was so keen to play the role of Saroo that he walked into screenplay writer Luke Davis's house in... | Read»

The labyrinth of Our Lady of Labels

Amma lies in hospital, wrapped in mystery; her empire and her megalomania flourish. Kavitha Shanmugam has the details

A teacher is grilling a student who has returned to school after a longish absence. The truth is sad, but simple. The child's mother died. But the child is tongue-tied. Why? Because she knows she... | Read»