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Tuesday , October 11 , 2016

Dreaming about India

It is tempting for a bright Indian to leave India. The returns on education and intelligence are higher in richer countries; and in many occupations, the rules of employment are fairer and more transparent. It is, therefore, not surprising that Ra......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

New theory

┬áSir - In the recently held plenum in Calcutta, the Communist Party of Indi... | Read»

Brute force

Sir - The editorial, "Not at home" (Sept 29), rightly claimed that "India's... | Read»

Pay attention

Sir - The report, "Alert on homeo baby pills" (Oct 2), needs to be brought ... | Read»

Silent contributions

Sir - World Deaf Day is observed on the last Sunday of the month of Septemb... | Read»


Home fires

One of the main intentions of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 is ensuring that a woman living in a matrimonial or shared household has a secure hom......   | Read..

Half way

It seems that one of the most experimental sectors in India is that of education. Sudden and random changes take place here - certain languages are made compulsory while ot......   | Read..

America has two faces

The second Trump-Clinton debate has taken place. The view of CNN International notwithstanding, Donald Trump came across as mellowed and apologetic. It is amazing how an em......   | Read..

Down the Line

The Metro railway project in Chennai (45.1 kilometres, two lines) and the East-West Corridor project (14.67 kms) in Calcutta was sanctioned around 2007-08 and work started at almost the same time i......   | Read..

A matter of honour

The terrorist attack on an army camp in Uri, resulting in the death of 19 of our soldiers, has outraged the country. The attack saw television studios convert overnight into make-believe war-rooms.......   | Read..

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