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Friday , October 7 , 2016

Haveli draws crowds

The replica of the haveli at Shantinagar Puja in Dhubri. Picture by Bijoy Kumar Sharma

Dhubri, Oct. 6: A replica of the haveli (palace) shown in the film Arundhuti, Indus valley civilization, air-conditioned pandal and a replica of the closed-down Wimco factory are some of the themes of nearly 300 community Pujas across Dhubri district, including 103 in Dhubri town.

The pandal at Shantinagar and at Raja P.C. Barua Maidan by Sabuj Sangha are the two, among others, known for their size and themes, while dozens of community Puja organisers are celebrating by installing unique and artistic idols made by clay masters from Kumartuli of Calcutta.

The 55 feet high and 60 feet wide replica of the haveli, the main attraction at Shantinagar, is made with a whopping budget of over Rs 7 lakh.

Ranjit Baine (Sona), a local artist is building the haveli since September 7.

The secretary of Shantinagar Sarbajanin Durga Puja Committee, Arnab Banik, said 20 workers, including carpenters and painters, have been constantly working under Baine.

"Nearly 200 cubic feet of timber, one truck load of thermocol, 150 plywood boards have been used besides plaster of Paris, plain sheets, jute sheets and acrylic colour," Banik added.

Baine said he enjoys working in this Puja committee as the materials required for the structure were always in place as soon as they were asked for. "I am trying to give my best but it is the people who have the last say about my work," Baine said.

Vice-president of the committee Tushar Saha told The Telegraph that the Shantinagar community Puja is being held since 1962.

"What is money for if it cannot give people a little bit of enjoyment? We want to make Puja a memorable event each year. In the past few years, replicas of Rabindra Sadan of Calcutta, Iskcon temple of Mayapur (Nadia) and Kailash were created here," Saha said.

The committee is expecting people to make a beeline for a glimpse of the haveli.

"We all be there in the pandal from Sashthi to Navami to welcome pandal hoppers and revellers to make this Puja another memorable one," a member of the committee said.

A huge air-conditioned pandal at Raja P.C. Barua Maidan by Sabuj Sangha, Indus valley civilization by Vivekananda Club, replica of Ramkrishna Mission of Calcutta and closed Western India Match Company (Wimco) by 3 No. balurchar community Puja organiser will be some of the main attractions this time in Dhubri.

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