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| Sunday, October 2, 2016 |


The Company that kept Her

A palpable, and unnerving, mystery shrouds the current state of the enigma of J. Jayalalithaa, chief minister of Tamil Nadu. She’s in critical care in Chennai; her realm has its breath bated. We bring you extracts from a biography by Vaasanthi on associations past and present that have made, or often unmade, the enduring riddle called Amma

'After a bout of drastic dieting Jayalalithaa fainted at home. Her manager contacted MGR, who arrived promptly and arranged for her to be taken to a nursing home. The departure was delayed as everyone was waiting for Jayalalithaa's aunts who were... | Read»

And liquid flows my road

Are inland waterways the way out of Bengal's mounting traffic snarls? Moumita Chaudhuri finds out. Photographs by Subhendu Chaki

A weekday afternoon, about three. There is no buzz around Fairlie Place. A lone steamer is waiting at the jetty, there is another one moored at a distance; you can see one man getting dressed,... | Read»

In this stained paradise, surgical strikes of festivity

The real Kashmir lives where most folk don't want to venture or even look

THESE ARE fractured vignettes from another day, another season when they'd begun to say all's well with Kashmir, figments from an illusion in a cursed tale. The blood-tide over Tufail Ahmed's... | Read»

Why the caged bird sings

Visaranai, India's official entry to the 2017 Oscars, is a deeply disturbing film with an even more disturbing backstory. Kavitha Shanmugam reports

He had wanted to throw a burning tyre on the policeman who had tortured him in custody. Run him over. Inflict on him the same intense pain he had felt when he was flogged relentlessly in the... | Read»