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| Sunday, September 4, 2016 |



She has come to be at the centre of violent conflict between man and man. But here’s an animal that provides humankind without favour and with fullness, in life and in death. We get a measure of the many things the cow means to us 

How many do we have, and how many kinds? | Read»

Animal Harm

Bishakha De Sarkar and Upala Sen look at the cow as unwitting object of civilisational and political conflict

As odes go, this is a rather succinct one: The cow is of the bovine ilk; One end is moo, the other, milk, Ogden Nash wrote long years ago. The Indian cow, for sure, is all of that - and a lot more.... | Read»

Humboldt from the blue

Mumbai’s civic authorities have delivered on a poll promise to import penguins to showcase. But is it fair to transplant wildlife species in alien environs? Upala Sen goes looking for answers 

They are monogamous. Love fish. Have a bit of a potty obsession. Make very anxious parents. Don't have much of a physique and from certain angles you'd think they were wearing monkey caps and socks. | Read»

Gone to the country

Corporates are heading farm-wards to find leisure and treasure. Varuna Verma reports

When S. Laxminarayan quit his job at SAP Labs in Bangalore recently to become a full-time farmer, he looked forward to two big life changes. "No more Monday morning blues and no getting stuck... | Read»

An inventory of small things in a big garden

Right in the middle of Delhi is a sprawling mansion that houses the President of India. But the grounds surrounding the imposing pink sandstone edifice are home to various kinds of flora and fauna.... | Read»

A moment in the mind's eye

Digital images are to the analog photographer what instant coffee is to the bean connoisseur — quick and easy, but not the real deal. Moumita Chaudhuri spoke to some who still take pains to stand apart and please

In July this year New York's George Eastman Museum announced a rare acquisition - two unopened boxes of Kodak film from the 1880s. Kodak's slogan at the time was apparently, "You press the... | Read»