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Monday , August 29 , 2016

Contests to remember

The Olympic Games are over for another four years. Each gigantic quadrennial event, almost wherever in the world it takes place, seems to start with a whimper and end with a triumphant bang and in Rio it seems to have done the same. The Brazil gam......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Poor sport

• Sir - The editorial, "Raise the bar" (Aug 17), highlighted the way sports... | Read»

Real causes

• Sir - The article, "A separate demand" (Aug 12), by Swapan Dasgupta was t... | Read»


Open up

The Indian judiciary has opened yet another door for women - that of Mumbai's Haji Ali Dargah. The Bombay High Court has ruled that women are free to enter the innermost sa......   | Read..

Time for peace

It will sound heartening - particularly to India, as it struggles to contain the decades-old Kashmir conflict - that Colombia has managed to conclude a peace deal with the ......   | Read..

An Old Crime

Nobody got punished for blowing up the giant statues of the Buddha in Afghanistan's Bamiyan Valley in 2001. Nobody has been sent to jail for blowing up much of the ancient ......   | Read..

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