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| Monday, August 15, 2016 |


Win a game, land a job 

Contests to write software codes that solve real life problems are helping tech firms spot raw talent, say Prasun Chaudhuri and Manasi Shah 

These people are quite different. They don’t get amused by normal jokes and are rarely social.  | Read»

Home away from home

SOMDYUTI DATTA RAY and MANIKUNTALA DAS have recently joined a hostel. Here are their tips on how to take a ride through those initial hurdles

For many, the first month after moving into a hostel is the hardest. You will be far from the comforts of home, in a new city and among new people. If it is your first time at a hostel, here is a checklist to make the transition as smooth as... | Read»

Think Before You Ink

A lot of young people who get themselves tattooed end up hating it, finds Manasi Shah. And getting tattoos covered up can be a hassle

Dhruv Nahata got a wolf tattooed on his upper arm at the age of 17.  | Read»