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| Monday, August 8, 2016 |


The lightness of forgetting

Scientists have found a key to how the brain purges memory. It may eventually help treat trauma and drug addiction, says T.V. Jayan

The human brain is swamped by information from the five senses every waking minute. A normal brain dismisses most of these inputs, retains a fraction of them for a few hours and commits a still smaller portion to long-term memory. If the brain did... | Read»

To put a polish on the Apple of my eye

TechTonic - Surit Doss

q+a I have been using an iPad Mini (1st Gen) for the last two years. I have upgraded to the latest iOS version but the device has become extremely slow; working with several tabs in Chrome is a pain, the games which used to run without any glitch,... | Read»

Hair raising

Q:I am a 29-year-old woman and I am losing hair alarmingly. In a few | Read»