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| Sunday, August 7, 2016 |


The Willow Warriors

Two exceptional batting talents — Joe Root of England and Virat Kohli of India — appear locked in what might become a long and epic duel for top honours. Ayaz Memon sizes up cricket’s game of thrones

That cricket is a "batsman's game" is often expressed as a lament. In an existential sense, though, a batsman's "solitariness" finds no parallel in any other sport, making him unique. | Read»

Home is where the Hurt is

It has been a year since India and Bangladesh exchanged enclaves - and people - along their jagged borderlands. Debaashish Bhattacharya travels to Cooch Behar to find those who chose India in the swap are getting a raw deal. His report

Until a year ago, Mithu Mia and Mohammad Mofisuddin lived at the opposite ends of a geopolitical divide - Mia in a Bangladeshi enclave in India and Mofisuddin in an Indian enclave in Bangladesh.... | Read»

In a never dull and often dangerous land

Western UP has its charms, some of them quite animal

THE CHEERFUL female voice on the Delhi-Dehradun Shatabdi tells you, in a sentence or two, the significance of the city where the train's halted for its scheduled two or so minutes. Meerut, the... | Read»

A dream & deficits to wrestle

Sultan's come and gone. Dangal is awaited. The real bouts unfold, unsung, in Calcutta's akharas. Sharmistha Ghosal reports from the pits

Ranjan Basak is up at 4.30 each morning and walks a kilometre from his parents' two-room home in Burrabazar's Posta to his karmabhoomi, a 12ftx12ft mud pit along the banks of the Hooghly. The Class... | Read»

Magic, never leave me

Read your latest Harry Potter? Well, Anushka Baruah has also seen it — as a theatre production in London. A wide-eyed fan’s cameo account

Nine years later, all is well. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, much awaited, much anticipated, and soon to be much appreciated, is out. It is the most pre-ordered book since J.K. Rowling's Harry... | Read»


Stories from little India are the newfound love of publishers, says Smitha Verma

Until he announced his death last year on Facebook, the award-winning Tamil writer, Perumal Murugan, was not known to the larger Indian audience, much less his work. In April, Penguin Random House... | Read»