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| Sunday, July 17, 2016 |


Ramping up the action

Skateboarding is the hot new fun sport that has captured the imagination of India’s urban young, says Aarti Dua

It’s a Sunday afternoon and Russell Lopez, 30, is on a roll — literally. “It’s about freedom, about pure joy,” the advertising executive says, jumping up exuberantly with his skateboard in the air performing an... | Read»

Playing at pubbing

The city’s pubs are gearing up to test the brains and brawn of their customers and jazz up the city’s nightlife, says Shilpi Guha

Dressed in a pink, strappy dress, 24-year-old Shahana Minz surveys her bar-room opponents. She might have been a college party beer pong champion, but she figures this match at Calcutta’s Sports Bar is going to be way tougher.  | Read»

Purple rain

The colour just became the talk of the town. Earlier this year, when actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan sashayed down the red carpet in a Rami Kadi gown complemented with an unusual purple lipstick, she made headlines and practically stormed the... | Read»

A modern makeover

Chefs are innovating with the hilsa roe in all kinds of unorthodox ways, says Rahul Verma

Have you noticed some similarities between the Russians and Bengalis? Well, they write poetry and dark novels. They make films. And they are convinced that nothing is better than their fish roe — of sturgeon in the case of the Russians,... | Read»

Californian cool

Southern California is a dream destination with its good food, great wine, and fun activities ranging from jetpacking to ballooning, says Rishad Saam Mehta

I bounce out of Los Angeles international airport as fresh as a daisy. My flight from Mumbai via Abu Dhabi had touched down barely 22 minutes ago, but thanks to US Customs and Immigration pre-clearance in Abu Dhabi I had simply waltzed out of my... | Read»

Unwired for sound

The Bose QuietComfort 35 sets the standard for wireless noise-cancelling headphones, says Tushar Kanwar

Step onto any long-haul flight and you’re sure to be greeted by the sight of dozens of Bose’s flagship QuietComfort 25 noise-cancelling headphones. It’s with good reason — Bose’s noise-cancelling tech is the gold... | Read»

Shooting star

With a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne under his belt, shooter Vijay Kumar was sure he could perform under pressure

When I joined the Indian Army in 2001, I used to take a keen interest in physical training and was pretty good at shooting. Luckily, my seniors saw that I had potential and that I was a natural when it came to shooting. In March 2003 I was... | Read»