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| Sunday, June 5, 2016 |



It's not often that an RBI governor features in an advertisement for butter. But Raghuram Rajan has been there, done that. And if Subramanian Swamy's call for his ouster bears fruit, V. Kumara Swamy and Sonia Sarkar write that the squash champion of a Chicago business school may happily go back to teaching

The year was 2005, and the atmosphere was celebratory at a gathering of banking experts in Jackson Hole in the United States. There was much back patting at the send-off party for the chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan. And then... | Read»

To cut a long story shorter

What do Salman Khan and Beyoncé have in common? Teasers. The trailer will trail, but for a spot of sensation and a general buzz in the social mediascape, a teaser is a must, says Upala Sen 

The credits appear on the screen riding a piercing note. A montage of shots follows, building up the protagonist with every blink. Long shot, close up, laughter, actions, till Rajini saar, in his... | Read»

Far above the madding crowd

Indians with deep, deep pockets want their homes in the skies. Varuna Verma finds that sky villas — with their infinity pools, lush lawns and helipads — are becoming the most sought after addresses  

When Sammy Poonawalla moved from Tampa Bay to Mumbai last year, he was a worried man. He was not sure how his family would adapt to life in an apartment. After all, their last home in the United... | Read»

Almost Indian

The taste of a gulab jamun, the warm embrace of Ayah-Ma and Hindi nursery rhymes, Brigid Keenan remembers them all. The author of a new book which spans her life from days in Indian cantonment towns to fashion circuits in London and Paris tells Shrabani Basu that India prepared her for the world

As a child growing up in India, Brigid Keenan would sit on her ayah's knee and recite Little Miss Muffet in Hindi. She remembers every word of it: Muffety Mai/ Doodh malai/Ek bar... | Read»