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Tuesday , May 31 , 2016

Cong 'squabbles' affect state: Donkupar

Donkupar Roy

Shillong, May 30: The United Democratic Party president and leader of Opposition in Assembly, Donkupar Roy, today told reporters that Opposition did not want to comment on the squabbling within the Congress, as it was an internal matter of the party.

However, according to Roy, the issue now was no longer confined to the ruling party as it had repercussions on the people of the state and its functioning.

Roy said, "Certain principles should have been followed, especially by the ministers, who have been appointed by the governor on the advice of the chief minister. But even these ministers are revolting against the chief minister. If they want, they (ministers) should resign first and then show their resentment against the chief minister."

Roy was the chief minister of the UDP-led government that collapsed in March 2009, leading to President's rule in the state.

"It is not advisable for them (ministers) to speak against the chief minister as long as they are holding their posts," Roy said.

According to procedure, Roy said, "When there is a demand for change of legislature party leader, the leader should resign. If the legislature party leader does not resign, then the MLAs, who want to change the leader, should meet the governor to urge him to convene a special session of the state Assembly."

"Do they prefer their posts or want a change of CLP leader? Will they go to the governor to ask for a special session on this issue?" Roy asked.

On whether the chief minister should step down gracefully and take responsibility for the defeat of his legislator wife Dikkanchi D. Shira in the Lok Sabha bypoll to the Tura seat, Roy said, "It is upto him (Mukul). It differs from person to person. Some people take responsibility and some don't."

He also said "nervousness", triggered by the party's defeat in Assam and in the Tura bypoll, might have increased infighting within the Congress. "The Congress, when it was at the Centre, was like a tree and its units in the northeastern states were like its branches. When the tree collapsed, the branches collapsed too," Roy said.

When asked if the dissident Congress legislators had contacted the Opposition on the possibility of forming a fresh government barring the chief minister and his loyalists, Roy said the Opposition had no role in it.

"It is not wise to advise anyone to break someone's party. Writings on the walls are very clear that the Congress days are numbered in Meghalaya. At the most, they (Congress) might last only upto 2018, but not after the elections," he said.

Assembly polls will be held in the state in February 2018.

On a pre-poll alliance for the Assembly elections in the state, Roy said his party was open to have an alliance with like-minded parties. "The trend in the whole country now is coalition politics. There should be some alliances in the state too," he said.

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