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| Sunday, May 29, 2016 |



Entrepreneur Ankur Jain’s looking to turn his Bira 91 craft beer into a heady favourite both in India and abroad, says Sarbani Sen

Is Ankur Jain super-brave or just crazily foolhardy? He has leapt where angels might fear to tread, into the brutally competitive beer business. But the proof of the beverage is in the drinking and Jain’s Bira 91 has cornered 15 per cent of... | Read»

The drama king

Rajat Kapoor’s the master of multiple roles and is constantly juggling between the screen and the stage, says Saimi Sattar

For a man who is picky about his roles, Rajat Kapoor is astonishingly run off his feet. He has just finished a movie and has turned his attention back to theatre. His latest offering, a brand new version of Shakespeare’s As You Like It, has... | Read»

A colourful canvas

Artist Manisha Gera Baswani has crammed her home with avant-garde artworks, sculptures, expensive carpets and greenery, says Susmita Saha

There are houses and then there are artists’ houses. That’s the thought that comes to mind as you step into painter and photographer Manisha Gera Baswani’s sprawling home in Gurgaon. | Read»

Pot luck

Tagine’s the slow-cooked Moroccan dish that uses a blend of familiar spices which chefs say will be a great hit in India, says Rahul Verma

Food, as I often say, is a great connector. Take the way some dishes are cooked in the dying heat of an oven — or of a chulha. When I was small, milk was placed in a pot on the remaining embers of coal after the day’s food had been... | Read»

An Arctic extravaganza

Tromsø in the Arctic Circle is a great jumping off point to see the magnificent Northern Lights, says Arnab Nandy

Thick streaks of green stretched from the northern horizon to the hills in the south. They rippled and danced, faded and appeared again. Overwhelmed, I gazed upwards till my neck ached. | Read»

Playing it smarter

Cricketer Manoj Tiwary is a watch junkie and dreams of owning a Patek Philippe one day

Style according to you is… Style is something that comes naturally to a person. You can wear regular clothing and add a touch of individuality which will set you apart and make all the difference to your look. It’s about expressing... | Read»

Racing into the future

It’s crystal ball gazing time as Google shows off its upcoming products at its mega-developer conference, says Tushar Kanwar

Google’s I/O is the biggest date in the tech giant’s calendar, but despite it being a developer conference, Google uses I/O to announce the next major updates to Android and show off upcoming products, both hardware and software. | Read»

Cricket and comedy

Rochelle Rao has come a long way from winning a beauty contest to high-visibility shows on television

Winning the Femina Miss India International title in 2012 was a huge turning point for me. It gave me great visibility at the national level and boosted my career. For, when I won the title I was a model and the anchor of a show on a... | Read»