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| Sunday, May 29, 2016 |


Make them click

Advertisers hot on the trail of more viewers are getting online. And they are hammering out new formats to make themselves more hit-worthy, finds V. Kumara Swamy

The homegrown beverage maker wants to highlight its traditional flavours in an advertisement. Its target is the young, who've heard about the drinks that dadima conjured up in the kitchen, as well as the aged, who insist that new... | Read»

No place called home

The gay community in Bangladesh is in despair. Brutal attacks on the editor of Bangladesh’s sole gay magazine and an activist have prompted gay people to go into hiding or leave the country, finds Sonia Sarkar 

Dhee, the curly-haired small-town girl, is in love - with a girl in her class. As she grows older, her parents urge her to marry a suitable boy. She doesn't know what to do - should she get married... | Read»

Death in the city

The incidence of breast cancer is higher in Chandigarh than anywhere else in the country, a recent report states. Doctors tell Avijit Chatterjee that girls in their late teens are not being spared either

The double tragedy didn't hit the headlines, but Sukhwinder remembers it well. A few months ago, a Chandigarh woman died of breast cancer. Her distraught husband shot himself dead. Their son, too,... | Read»