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| Sunday, May 22, 2016 |



Driverless and electric cars will change the way we drive forever, says Abhijit Mitra

Spoiler alert: The ending of the story follows. The car of the future is going to be electric and driverless. General Motors (GM) says so, as do Toyota and Volkswagen, the biggest carmakers in the world. So do Tesla, Nissan, Renault, BMW, Mercedes... | Read»

Summer stars

The new innovative menus at these 5-star addresses are a great way to beat the heat, says Lubna Salim

Consider this: a carved watermelon arrives at your table and inside the scooped fruit is a portion of Watermelon Skin Curry with Lemon Basil Noodles. There are other exotic and eye-popping dishes in store for you: tehri (vegetable pulao) dressed... | Read»

Rolling with the punches

Piloxing is a dynamic fitness regime that is a combination of boxing, Pilates and some fast-paced dance moves, says Anupma Mishra

Abrand new dance craze has hit town — and it’s also become a new mantra that fitness junkies are swearing by. Piloxing is being touted as the next big thing after Zumba and it’s time to switch to it going by how it’s riding... | Read»

High on hues

Calcutta’s coolest new bars have gone multi-hued. They’re celebrating summer with concoctions in striking shades of red, blue, yellow and green — all in the same glass. But, multi-coloured cocktails are tricky to whip up, as they... | Read»

Medieval masterpiece

Bergamo, near Milan is an ancient town perched on the edge of the Alps with beautiful domes, campaniles, palaces and towers, says Arundhati Basu

It’s a medieval walled city just a stone’s throw from Milan, in Italy’s luscious Lombardy region. But Bergamo’s often overlooked in the rush to discover northern Italy’s other gems. Bergamo’s perched at the edge... | Read»

Time to get smarter

It’s a race against time, as top companies come out with one smartwatch after another, says Tushar Kanwar

Time was when you flicked your wrist only to tell the time or day of week, but with the watches on these pages, you can do so much more — and tell the time to boot! | Read»

Against all odds

Designer Zubair Kirmani has been through many ups and downs but his birthplace Kashmir has always been the source of his inspiration

There have been several turning points in my life and most of them are connected to Kashmir — my birthplace. In 1988, when I was studying in Class V in a missionary school in Srinagar, I had gone to Gulmarg for skiing classes. It was a... | Read»