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Friday , May 6 , 2016

Walkie talkie

“Is he here?” “Has he come in yet?” A chorus of hushed whispers punctuate explorer Ritwick Ghosh’s speech to the Walkers on April 9.   | Read..

Roar of the underfox

Leicester who? Leicester City, nicknamed Foxes (thanks to a culture of fox hunting in the area), is a football club from the city of Leicester, in the East Midlands area of...   | Read..

Summer sip & saga

If you like tall sturdy drinks, order mugs of Aqua Hawaiian and Equatorial Cooler (both for Rs 295) at Palazzo. “Aqua Hawaiian has a soothing effect because of the...   | Read..

Chris to Cap

Chris Evans returns to reprise his role as Steve Rogers/Captain America in Civil War, the third film in the super successful Marvel franchise. The May 6 release has Cap...   | Read..

Whats up parties Russian style

Everyone’s poison at Whats Up? These Russian injection shots stirred up with vodka and pineapple juice, blue curacao and cranberry juice.    | Read..

A photographic exhibition on Luxembourg 

Imagine the magnificent landscapes of Osling region in the Ardennes, the lush green vineyards near Wormeldange and the breathtaking beauty of the pale yellow houses with...   | Read..


The t2 girl gang compiles a list of pool and poolside etiquette for Calcutta’s men.  • Don’t pee in the pool (this holds true for girls too). • Don’t leer at women and...   | Read..

Sonnalli’s Punchnama

On a sweltering Friday afternoon, t2 met Calcutta girl Sonnalli Seygall and grumbled about the soaring Celsius. But Sonnalli refused to be our co-Calcutta grumbler. Why?...   | Read..


What happened at UG Reincarnated on the last Saturday of April?   | Read..


It’s 7am outside Girish Park Metro station and it’s surprising just how busy the city is at this time of the day; north Calcutta is even busier than south...   | Read..


Clare Pleydell-Bouverie    | Read..


Jazz it up: CC&FC members and guests were treated to a special kind of music and dance performance at Science City auditorium on April 10. Samagam, presented by...   | Read..
Walkie talkie
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