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Friday , May 6 , 2016
Salt Lake

Price of beautification

The banks of the Kestopur Canal, from Ultadanga to Kestopur, now resemble a barren wasteland. Earth movers and trucks carrying construction materials line the bank while workers brave the blazing...   | Read..

Show for elders, by elders

• The elderly put up several performances at BA community hall recently when Salt Lake Senior Citizens’ Association celebrated its 19th foundation day. The...   | Read..

In search of New Town booths 

After 20 minutes of travelling through narrow lanes with ponds, cows and brick huts on either side, I wondered if residents of upscale New Town apartments would really take...   | Read..

Tech tools to keep eye on polling

Not just central forces, the Election Commission of India (ECI) relied on everything from technology to close-range monitoring to ensure the polls were free and fair this...   | Read..

Ramps, balloons mark model booths

Thirty polling booths in Salt Lake were declared model booths this year. Best identified by pink-and-white balloons put up inside and a signage outside, proclaiming each to...   | Read..

Challenged voter gets lift after SOS to EC

Rabindranath Biswas, a double amputee, got a lift from his HB Block residence to go cast his vote on April 25. The lift was not from any of the political parties which are...   | Read..

Stick with more swing and sting

The humble lathi that is synonymous with policing appeared in a new avatar this election. While wood or cane lathis have been in use in the police force for a very long...   | Read..

My garden

There are betel nut trees nearly as high as the three-storey building she lives in, little lemon trees growing in pots, Bougainvillaea that add colour to the balcony and...   | Read..

Tagore’s blue jewel

The poet Rabindranath Tagore had an immense love for flowers, all flowers; be the flowers from gardens, from wastelands or those he had seen in his myriad trips abroad....   | Read..


Send mail or email to either of the addresses mentioned below Mailbag. The best entry will receive a souvenir from The Telegraph Salt Lake. Last date for receiving entries:...   | Read..

Our poll action heroes

• Apropos the article “Under their watch” published on April 29, I had always been proud of the peace that prevailed in our township till the 2015...   | Read..
CRPF personnel outside Bidhannagar Government College, where the sealed EVMs for Bidhannagar and...   | Read..