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Saturday , March 19 , 2016
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The Wrong Girl for ‘lad lit’

She calls it “lad lit” as opposed to chick lit. Sreemoyee Piu Kundu (picture right) launched her third novel You’ve Got The Wrong Girl (Rs 350, Hachette India) in the city recently. t2 caught up with the writer to find out what’s right about The Wrong Girl.

What’s your elevator pitch for this novel?

Male mush with a cosmopolitan twist. A racy, fun, multi-city, adventurous look at a man’s journey in love. A lad lit where we are looking at men vis-a-vis women. This is a sneak peek into a man’s heart that is sometimes very complicated and also vulnerable.

Lad lit as a genre is...

Not explored in India. We need more of it because in literature today, which books celebrate men? We hear so many feminist voices and kudos to them, because we need the feminist voice to be kept alive. But we need the male voice to be represented as well.

How did you write in a male voice?

I had to make Dushyant believable, metrosexual, masculine and at the same time romantic and mushy. Mushiness is not just a feminine trait. The idea was to stay true to the character, who is arrogant, cocky, can be smug and cynical at times, but somewhere he is a good-hearted romantic bloke who just wants to be loved.

So, who would you cast as your central characters?

The trailer of the book has a very graphic novel kind of feel and a lot of people who’ve seen it say that Dushyant reminds them of Farhan Akhtar. The mystery girl definitely has to be a Bengali actress. I pick Konkona Sensharma.

Who is your reader?

A book like this appeals to everyone because everybody loves romance. That being said, I think a lot of young men should pick up the book because it’s a story about a guy.

Have you been a wrong girl?

I bloody well hope not (laughs)! I think I am the right kind of wrong. Let’s put it that way.

Riddhima Khanna
Picture: Arijit Ganguly

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