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| Sunday, March 6, 2016 |


We will we will rock you

From the west to the east and the south to the north, disparate student stirs have been threatening to turn into a tsunami. Manjula Sen reports

Bihar must stick twice in the craw of the Prime Minister. It first handed him a stinging rejection in state polls, and now the "child" from Begusarai is handing out homilies to Narendra Modi, as the PM recalls Stalin and Khrushchev in a... | Read»

Click to lick

Want to check rampant child abuse, change an ancient British law still existing in India — or get a venerated American scholar sacked? Start an online campaign, advises Smitha Verma   

When Congress leader Shashi Tharoor started an online petition, the intention was clear. The private member's bill, which he had introduced in the Lok Sabha in December 2015, had been voted out.... | Read»

What an idea, Sirji

Trekkers don't always climb a mountain because it's there. Sometimes they go on arduous journeys just to harvest ideas, finds Vishnupriya Sengupta

A no-headache hairband to ward off headaches. An umbrella with an inbuilt fan powered by solar energy. A voice recorder that switches on the television. A system that allows a candidate's profile... | Read»

Lights, camera, action

Cinematographer Ravi Varman no longer wants to drive up to his village in a Mercedes Benz. The shadows in his life are turning to happy lights on the screen, he tells Kavitha Shanmugam 

Ravi Varman's life is a bit like a film. The much sought after cinematographer ran away from home when he was young, slept on pavements and did odd jobs. His journey from a small village in Tamil... | Read»