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| Sunday, February 21, 2016 |


Occupy JNU

Often described as the last bastion of the Left, Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University is in the middle of a political tug of war. Sonia Sarkar and V. Kumara Swamy report that while the Right is pulling hard, the Left is holding on

The union leader sits alone on a bench, next to a heap of roses. Students walk up to him, each one carrying a rose which they hand over to him. Saurabh Kumar Sharma chucks them on a table near him. | Read»

Ring in the old

Sanskrit is the new mantra. Words are being coined, programmes named and the news is being read in a language that had long been buried, says V. Kumara Swamy

If you are channel surfing and suddenly come across something that sounds like the news in Sanskrit, don't be surprised - for it is the news in Sanskrit. Doordarshan has a current affairs programme... | Read»

Death in the clouds

Pan Am flight attendant Neerja Bhanot’s mother had urged her to lie low if her plane was ever hijacked. I will die, but not run away, she’d replied. Thirty years after hijackers gunned her down on a flight from Mumbai to New York, Avijit Chatterjee recalls the story of the feisty young woman

January 26, 1987. A mother walks up to the podium at Rajpath to receive the Ashoka Chakra on behalf of her slain daughter. She breaks down before the President of India, Zail Singh. He puts a hand... | Read»

Mystery of a silken yarn

For the first time, an entire exhibition on Assam is being held at the British Museum in London. Shrabani Basu writes that its centrepiece is a length of woven silk with Krishna patterns that had once been incorrectly recorded as Tibetan

In January 1905, the British Museum received a few objects brought from a monastery in Tibet by a journalist from The Times. They included a 9m length of woven silk with intricate patterns. It was... | Read»