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Friday , January 22 , 2016

Pulled to the Centre

The Narendra Modi government's decision to abolish the National Development Council is a further blow against the federal structure of our republic. True, the NDC did not have a constitutional status, and differed in this respect from the Inter-St......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Illogical bias

Sir - The Supreme Court has done the right thing by questioning the rule th... | Read»

Strike gold

Sir - Lionel Messi truly deserves the coveted Ballon d'Or award, which he h... | Read»


Winter haze

It has been more than two weeks since the demise of Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, and more than a week since governor's rule was imposed o......   | Read..

Sign of health

When it rains, it pours. For China, grappling with an economic downslide that it can no longer check, the news from its 'renegade province', Taiwan, could not have come at ......   | Read..

Paris forever

When I visited the Montparnasse cemetery in Paris in the summer of 2013, I saw that well-wishers had left three roses, some pebbles and two unused Metro tickets beside the ......   | Read..

It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them. - AGATHA CHRISTIE

Secret lives
The spy who charmed everyone
Despite the Cold War being over, and effectively won by the West, fascination with the espionage war never flags; perhaps because in this area, at least, the Soviets appear to have had the upper ha......   | Read..
Stories from the other side of the border
The novel begins with a discussion between the narrator-protagonist, Jawad Hassan, and a character referred to as Majju Bhai, which revolves around Jawad's method of storytelling. Jawad's story, wh......   | Read..
Fatal attraction
It is certainly a matter of dosage. Paracelsus (1493-1541), a Swiss-German physician and the founder of toxicology, was of the opinion that poison can be found in everything, and that it is the dos......   | Read..
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