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Wednesday , January 20 , 2016

We've defeated shale revolution, says Opec

Jan. 19: Opec was on the verge of claiming victory over its North American rivals last night after its strategy of squeezing out the shale industry by flooding the markets with oil appeared to be...   | Read..

Glenn Frey checks out of Hotel California

Glenn Frey, the guitarist, singer and songwriter who co-founded the Eagles, whose country-tinged, melodic rock tunes, wistful love ballads, philosophical anthems,...   | Read..

Sikh kicked out of plane after pilot got 'uneasy'

A Sikh man and his three Muslim friends were asked to leave an American Airlines flight because their appearance "made the captain uneasy".   | Read..

Password list

Even after tens of millions of people had online accounts hacked, many Internet users still rely on easily guessed passwords.   | Read..
We've defeated shale revolution, says Opec
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