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Friday , January 1 , 2016
Salt Lake


By summer 2016, the Seven Wonders of the World would be less than a half-hour drive away for residents of Salt Lake and New Town.   | Read..

Battery-run rickshaws debut in township

It looks like a rickshaw but runs much faster.    | Read..

Salt Lake to get water from New Town plant

Salt Lake’s water woes may come to an end by mid-2016 when it starts receiving an additional eight million gallons of water per day (MGD) from the new water treatment...   | Read..

State’s biggest indoor stadium planned 

Talks are on to build what would be the largest indoor stadium in the state, in New Town.     | Read..

Their New Year wishes 

Gouri Shankar   | Read..

Matri Sadan may reopen in Feb

EE Block’s Matri Sadan hospital is eyeing a February re-opening, a year after it was “inaugurated after a renovation” in January 2015.     | Read..

Taiwan aid for Susrut’s child eye care centre

Paediatric eye care in the area will receive a boost with Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre receiving a grant of $80,000 from Taiwan, thanks to an agreement...   | Read..

Xmas excuse for fun & songs

Indismart Hotel   | Read..

Party time for li’l ones

Want to impress your young nephew, niece or grandchild on a visit from abroad this winter week? Renuka Saha of FD Block offers snacky suggestions   | Read..

Behind the calendar

The calendar in use today is the Gregorian calendar that was introduced in the 16th century. This was a modification of the earlier Julian calendar, which in itself was a...   | Read..