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| Monday, December 28, 2015 |


Pick your test

TOEFL, IELTS or PTE Academic? Which is the best English proficiency exam to take if you want to study abroad? Prasun Chaudhuri and Sharmistha Ghosal seek an answer

English language proficiency is one of the most important requirements for students who wish to study at an English-speaking college abroad. For even bright students who do not learn English as their first language, qualifying in the English... | Read»

7 tips to stay fresh

Time to learn some simple skills you won't learn in class, says Manasi Shah

While you will often come across articles that tell you what to wear and how, very few tips are available on how to maintain the stuff you have. So this time we have some tips on how you can show some tender loving care (TLC) to your favourite... | Read»

Go climb a mountain

Workout routines for mountaineers can keep you in shape. It's easy on your pocket too, writes Moumita Chaudhuri

Anyone who is keen to keep fit hits the gym these days but if you want to achieve the ultimate level of fitness, try mountaineering. Scaling mountains is a challenging experience that requires peak fitness. And here is what mountaineers do to... | Read»

A rare achievement 

My classmate Anurag Mitra set a new record in the history of our 180 years old school by achieving the highest honour a student can dream of - Major Colours. " | Read»