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Friday , December 25 , 2015

Hum miley jahan par lamha tham gaya...time stood still at the SRKajol show

“We are not very good dancers, but we will do Gerua for you.”  Can it get more magical than Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol close dancing to their Dilwale hit Gerua? The two — he...   | Read..

UP CLOSE: Team t2 interns on the SRKAJOL magic

From the moment I made my way in through thousands of fans to my first peek at the stage and the set-up, I was soooo excited. It was a long wait for Shah Rukh, but no one...   | Read..

A straight-from-the-heart t2 chat with our favourite dilwale — Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol 

We’ve taken interviews of leading pairs together so many times. But never have we felt the kind of friendship, love and just the history that these two share. Then...   | Read..

Xmas Fun & Food

Sometimes gifting food to a foodie is the best thing to do, but you’re running out of ideas. Baking cupcakes is too much work and buying cookies looks like a last-minute...   | Read..

The Shah Rukh-Kajol charm and chemistry bowled them over!

Given an opportunity to interact with King Khan and Kajol through a t2 contest, Deepsheta Mitra felt her knees turn to jelly when the first words Shah Rukh told her on...   | Read..


Yes, you’ve done it again. Planned a grand Christmas for bae but ALL in your head! We at t2 feel you. Here are a few ways you can redeem the day!    | Read..


 An unlimited supply of Sephora products.   | Read..

Xmas Fun & Food

What: The Saturday Club Christmas Carnival 2015, in association with Telekids     | Read..

Ridley as Rey

Rey begins in her own world. She goes on this crazy adventure and meets Finn and BB-8 and she finally starts to make these bonds she’s never had before.   | Read..

Power of 10

Another Christmas is upon us, and this Tollywood heart-throb turns a year younger today! “But this one is really special,” smiles Dev, the birthday boy.   | Read..


As a Loreto College girl, I remember we always wanted to come here and interact with all of you, and I’m very happy that it’s happening… 25 years...   | Read..
Hum miley jahan par lamha tham gaya...time stood still at the SRKajol show