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| Monday, December 21, 2015 |



Hackathons are events where technology enthusiasts create an application or solve a software or hardware problem in a jiffy. Now these are also turning into places to look for jobs, say Prasun Chaudhuri and Abimanyu Nagarajan

Some call it a playground for geeks, others call it a meeting of nerds. Much like a marathon, in which runners cover a lot of ground over a limited period of time, hackathons allow technology buffs — computer programmers, designers and their... | Read»

Watch your words

Manasi Shah on the 5 common communication mistakes young couples make and how to fix them

We have been taught to use our words well ever since we could first form them. Yet as kids we preferred to snatch anything that caught our fancy rather than ask for it. These days, the problem is reversed — we use too many words when a choice few... | Read»

6 cool gift ideas on a budget

Handmade gifts can be easy on the pocket and get you brownie points too. Anmol Baid has a list of simple gifts you can make yourself

Now that Santa Claus doesn’t bring us gifts anymore, we end up getting presents for our loved ones this festive season. Unlike Father Christmas, however, our budgets are rather tight. A little research on the Internet, a few simple supplies... | Read»

Quiz time


TCS IT Wiz, the most keenly contested quiz programme for schools across India, witnessed a tough battle this year with 15 outstanding teams of young IT enthusiasts vying for a slot in the National Finals, held at Vivanta by Taj in Mumbai. Eight... | Read»