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Monday , November 30 , 2015

Clue to Hawking disease emerges

A team of Indian biologists has deciphered a shape-driven, lock-and-key type interaction between a protein and genetic material that they say could help explain a rare but incurable nerve cell...   | Read..

Cop fight kills cow runner

An alleged cow smuggler was killed and another injured in a gunfight with Haryana police near Thanesar town in the early hours today, police said.   | Read..

Church backs Stephen's rejig

The Church of North India has defended a controversial move to amend the constitution of St. Stephen's College that is likely to vest principal Valson Thampu and the clergy...   | Read..

Diesel chase reopens needy Nepal's wound

Thirteen Indian guards deployed near the eastern border were detained today by Nepalese police for allegedly entering their territory with weapons, which served to...   | Read..

Disability can't chain clown or girl

Ridahun Khriam treks through the villages of Meghalaya with a copy of the disability act in her hand, urging people to use the law for their protection.   | Read..

Xmas & Noor on Mann, not intolerance

Narendra Modi today addressed the nation but, for the second time in two days, refrained from mentioning the recent incidents of intolerance that have claimed lives and...   | Read..

Spying cuffs on J&K duo

A BSF head constable and a suspected ISI operative have been arrested for alleged involvement in an espionage racket in which they traded secret defence information, Delhi...   | Read..
Diesel chase reopens needy Nepal's wound
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