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Thursday , November 12 , 2015

Repressive tolerance

The closest friend I had in my childhood was a boy who came from a Dalit family. He lived in a little bustee near our house in the small mofussil town in Odisha, where I spent my early years. He was mature for his age, full of wisdom, an......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Received wisdom

┬áSir - The media coverage of India's acquisition of a nuclear submarine fro... | Read»

On sale

Sir - The recent directive from the ministry of science and technology aski... | Read»

Parting shot

Sir - It has been found that many young people from the rural areas of the ... | Read»


Party quartet

The ancien régime is alive and vocal. A statement issued by four leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party who have now been made figures of the past by Narendra Modi ma......   | Read..

Hard lessons

The controversy over Maggi noodles, which tied Nestle India in knots since the countrywide ban on Maggi last June, has started to blow over. But the manner in which the Swi......   | Read..

Leader of titans

If popular opinion is to be believed, then Sourav Ganguly has become the president of the Cricket Association of Bengal not a day too soon. His iconic status, international......   | Read..

Can Russia roll back the caliphate in Iraq and Syria?

Russia's military intervention in Syria in September, 2015, is a new gambit by its president, Vladimir Putin. It could change the course of history, and even geography, in that region or bog down R......   | Read..

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