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| Sunday, November 8, 2015 |

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Can my shampoo give me cancer?

If you are using a chemical shampoo and sunscreen, washing hands with an anti-bacterial soap, using a sanitiser and drinking water from a plastic bottle on a regular basis, beware! Even low-dose exposures to the mix of chemicals can trigger cancer in the long term, warns T.V. Jayan  

Neetu Singh worries about cancer. So the 44-year-old Lucknow resident follows a set of strict rules. She doesn't use plastic ware in microwave ovens. And she stays away from synthetic shampoos and cosmetics. | Read»

He reached for the skies

Tales of heroism and derring-do emerged from the bloody battles of World War I. One such story was of Bengali fighter pilot Indra Lal ‘Laddie’ Roy. An extract from a new book by Shrabani Basu

In their home in Kensington in London, the Roy family heard the news of the outbreak of the war with mixed feelings. The street was full of cheering men and women. Many of them had gathered outside... | Read»

Two tales of one city

Does the BJP’s poor showing in the first round of zilla panchayat elections suggest that not all is well in Modi’s Varanasi? Smitha Verma finds both hope and despair in the city

It was Jayapur's first birthday on Saturday. Not of the village, but of its adoption by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This time last year, Jayapur was the toast of Varanasi, which catapulted Modi... | Read»

Let 1,000 artistes bloom

Myanmar goes to the polls today - and change is in the air. A flowering of art, music and films is underway, writes Sonia Sarkar

The painting is stark. Military men - dressed in olive green - stand in a row. Their heads are covered with bird cages. The work by Aung Kyi Soe, in the Blind Knowledge series, is called Cages... | Read»