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| Monday, November 2, 2015 |


Click for an MBA

Advanced interactive online learning platforms are a boon for young graduates who wish to get good management education on a limited budget, says Avijit Chatterjee 

Souvik Sadhukhan had always felt the need for a management education. But that remained a pipe dream as he started working right after completing his BCom from South City College, Calcutta. So while working at Aircel in Calcutta he enrolled for a... | Read»

College crushes

You are sure to fall for one of six types of people in college, forecasts Manasi Shah

College is more or less the most exciting phase of life because students meet new people, take interesting classes, and learn to handle their new-found freedom. And, obviously, get romantically interested in various people. Here are the seven... | Read»

Flower power

Floral prints are a hit this season with both young men and women, finds Sharmistha Ghosal

Jayeeta Das is really excited about Diwali. She bought a beautiful lehenga in Mumbai which she plans to wear. "It has got thread work in a floral pattern. I am dying to wear it," she says. | Read»

Study smarter, not harder

Web Watch

Nowadays students are increasingly applying effective study skills - aided by technology and tailormade to suit individual intelligence - to ace exams and enjoy life at the same time. Created by American college student Kelly Sutton in 2006,... | Read»