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| Monday, November 2, 2015 |


Imperfect R2-D2S

Humans are more comfortable around robots that aren't perfect, writes Prasun Chaudhuri

Erwin is extremely forgetful - it can't remember simple facts, such as people's names and their favourite colours. MyKeepon dances to music and responds to touch, but often gets overjoyed or extremely sad if you don't handle it well. And, Marc is... | Read»

IPad connect

BITS & BYTES / Surit Doss

My iPad3 is not connecting to my BSNL router through Wi-Fi. However, my iPhone 6 connects very easily. Is there something wrong with my tablet? | Read»

Can't lose weight

Q: No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to lose any weight. It is frustrating. I exercise, I don't cheat on my diet and I have a pot belly. My friends who eat more don't seem to have any problem. | Read»