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Wednesday , September 23 , 2015

Rush to fortify Modi in Silicon Valley

Khanderao Kand, Chandru Bhambhra, Romesh Japra, Raj Bhanot and Venktesh "Venk" Shukla are working overtime to see that Narendra Modi's California sojourn from September 25 to 27 goes off...   | Read..

Billion-dollar chopper order

The Centre today decided to award contracts worth $3.1 billion - around Rs 20,400 crore - to the US to buy attack and heavy-lift helicopters.   | Read..

Osama hunter to track Maoists

Osama bin Laden then. Maoist rebels now.   | Read..

School for sign language

The Union cabinet today gave the go-ahead to set up a national sign language institute, setting the stage for a single and standardised set of signs that would have to be...   | Read..

Rajasthan economic quota nod

Rajasthan today cleared reservations for the Gujjars and economically weaker sections of upper castes, but doubts arose over their validity as the quotas overshoot the...   | Read..

Haryana poll norm fight

The Haryana government today decided to defend its controversial notification that had prescribed minimum educational qualifications for candidates seeking to contest...   | Read..

Crash blame on railway

A commission of railway safety has held the Bhopal railway division responsible for the twin train accidents that killed 30 people at Harda, Madhya Pradesh, on August 4.   | Read..

20 threats in a day to writer

Rationalist writer K.S. Bhagawan, who angered the BJP and Sangh parivar affiliates by criticising the Gita and Hindu beliefs, has alleged phone threats a day after a...   | Read..

Sedition order

Bombay High Court today directed the Maharashtra government not to implement its controversial circular on sedition till October 20.   | Read..

Cong in quota, encrypt attack

The Congress today seized on two issues offered by the government and the Sangh parivar - right to privacy and reservations - in the belief that youths and backward castes...   | Read..

Goat 'gimmick' tests Cong secular formula

The Congress office in Madhya Pradesh is caught in a faith-based dilemma that has now been "faxed" to Sonia Gandhi.   | Read..
Rush to fortify Modi in Silicon Valley
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