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| Monday, September 21, 2015 |


A family matter

If you have a family enterprise,  check out management programmes for family businesses, advises Avijit Chatterjee

There are management programmes and management programmes. There are the run of the mill MBAs, meant for students who'll later go on to become company executives. Then there are management programmes for family businesses (MFAB), meant for those... | Read»

A geek? A nerd? Or a lovebird?

Annwesha Panda has been studying people during her off periods in college. Here are the six types of students she has identified

College is a whole new experience. The most interesting thing is that the longer the study periods, the longer the off periods. In the beginning I would find these breaks annoying but then I made a discovery. Everybody seemed to have a definite... | Read»

That personal touch


Birthdays are big for students. And with the number of friends we have, each month sees at least one birthday. While we would love to give each one a thoughtful present they really need, our budgets do not let us do that. Instead of buying just... | Read»