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| Sunday, July 26, 2015 |



Woman deejays are calling the tunes at some of India’s hottest nightspots, says Saimi Sattar

It was an arena where “good” girls never dared venture. But now, as the music blasts out louder than ever, women deejays are boldly moving behind the console and calling the dance-floor moves. | Read»

The top scorer

Eugeneson Lyngdoh has slammed in a winning kick and become the first footballer to breach the crore mark at the Indian Super League auction, says Anupma Mishra

It’s all happening way too fast for this 28-year-old footballer. Eugeneson Lyngdoh, a central midfielder from Shillong has just gone under the hammer at the Indian Super League (ISL) Players’ Auction in Mumbai. About 10 minutes into... | Read»

Talking tequila

So, you obviously know the tequila shots-lemon-and-salt routine like the back of your hand. It’s time now to expand your horizons. For, tequila is pepping up some of the best cocktails on the bar circuit (especially since its... | Read»

Hoops are hip

Hula hoops are making a huge comeback as a hobby that’s a mix of fun and fitness and almost a dance form, says Radhika Sen

So how does Michelle Obama, the US First Lady, manage to look super-toned? And how do super-svelte Hollywood actresses Olivia Wilde and Zooey Deschanel stay in shape?  | Read»

A twist in the tapas

Californian tapas is about a celebration of cultures and offers a mix of European, Japanese and Indian influences, says Rahul Verma

Chef Noah Barnes is an interesting man. I met him sometime last year, when he wowed me with his pork ribs — braised with honey and soy — at his restaurant in New Delhi. Since then I have been in touch with this young and talented chef.... | Read»

Manmade marvel

Singapore's more happening than ever with new attractions on offer all the time, says Anupma Mishra

Manage your air-speed, maintain your altitude and watch where you’re heading,” says the first officer as I lift the Boeing 737 off the runway!  | Read»

Music medley

Can Apple turn up the volume and outsmart the entrenched players in the streaming music game? By Tushar Kanwar

No matter whether you’re a fAndroid or an iFanboy, it’s simply impossible to ignore the impact Apple has had on the digital music scene. The iPod and the iTunes Music Store weren’t the first on the scene, but both... | Read»

A musical high

Singer Mohammed Irfan began his musical journey with reality shows and now has a string of hits under his belt

The biggest turning point in my life was meeting my music teacher K. Ramachary when I was in Class II in Hyderabad where I grew up. After hearing me sing, he decided to mentor me and gave me admission to his music academy.... | Read»