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| Sunday, July 5, 2015 |



Film director Kiran Rao’s a powerful voice in the indie film business and now the driving force of the Mumbai film festival, says SUSHMITA BISWAS

It’s always been abundantly clear that Kiran Rao isn’t a run-of-the-mill star wife. She has carved out her own career and emerged as the poster girl of indie films. And, she has gone to great lengths to keep her career at an... | Read»

Race to the top

Tower running’s about dashing up the steps of the tallest buildings and it has even veteran athletes gasping for breath, says Anupma Mishra

For 22-year-old Sowmya Sawant, a national level athlete, running long distances is almost like taking a stroll in the park. But to her surprise, the first time she ran up — vertically — inside a building, her body gave in to gravity, a... | Read»

Aqua cool

Welcome the monsoon showers by splashing your vanity case with make-up in bold and in-your-face aqua hues. Bring on the striking blues and glowing greens on your eyes and nails. Top brands including Bobbi Brown, Bourjois Paris, Chambor, Clinique,... | Read»

Glorious greens

Morning glory or kalmi saag blends equally well with Asian and Western cuisine, says Rahul Verma

Once in a while, the grass on your own side seems so much greener than that on the other side of the fence. I thought of this during a holiday in Thailand that turned into an endless food fiesta.  | Read»

A heavenly high

Ladakh is one of the world’s driest regions but its lakes are spectacular, says Sohini Sen

Depending on where in India we were this summer, most of us have been roasted, charred, or steamed. Now, as the rains are upon us, the summer season, also known as the tourist season, has just begun in Ladakh, one of the highest and driest regions... | Read»

LG's smart call

LG's premium phone the G4 has lots going for it but it's up against the Samsung S6 and the iPhone 6, says Tushar Kanwar

Right from the word go, LG had an uphill battle to fight for the flagship G4 to claim mindshare (and market share) from Samsung and Apple — and I’m not even broaching the matter of the value segment competition that has stormed... | Read»

Packing a punch

L. Sarita Devi took up boxing when she was training for another martial arts sport, kickboxing, but ended up keeping her gloves on 

A major turning point in my life came with the demise of my father. I was only 13 then and wasn’t even aware of my talents and capabilities. He was the only person who encouraged me to take up sports but I never heeded his advice. I realised... | Read»