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| Sunday, July 5, 2015 |

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Where food detectives prowl

The Maggi noodles rumpus first surfaced in this Uttar Pradesh town. Why is Barabanki the bane of adulterators? Avijit Chatterjee finds out

You can't quite tell if Sanjay Singh is enjoying his "two minutes" of fame - or "infamy", as he calls it. The food safety officer, who blew the lid off Maggi noodles, triggering a nationwide alarm, doesn't want to meet the media. And when he is... | Read»

The big gamble

If you’re a Goan, steer clear of the state’s casinos. That’s the message the Goan government is sending. Reena Martins deals a nifty hand as she surveys the state’s gambling problem

It's late afternoon in the Goan village of Santa Cruz and Mathias Vaz, a distinguished grey haired professor of Portuguese literature, lounges in the patio of his glass house. | Read»

Meet Dr Phone

Devices that transmit the vital signs of a patient at home to the doctor at a clinic or a hospital through a mobile phone have been launched. These allow real-time monitoring of a patient’s health, says Prasun Chaudhuri  

Dr Ameeta Patel, a nutritionist at a wellness clinic in Koramangala, Bangalore, knows when her patients are tossing and turning in their beds. Sitting far away from them, she gets to know when they... | Read»

Rocking on

Usha Uthup is returning to Bollywood. She'll be acting in Farhan Akhtar's Rock On!! 2. Sharmistha Ghosal meets her

Usha Uthup is so full of life that it is difficult to imagine her battling fears. But she is stalked by fear, she says - of water, darkness and death. | Read»