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Saturday , July 4 , 2015

Bond with Alice at 150

Off With Her Head!   | Read..

The mighty Arnie

In a scene in Terminator Genisys that’s on heavy rotation in the movie’s ads, the old Arnold Schwarzenegger goes up against the new. The older version has the...   | Read..

Pitch not quite perfect

At one point in Pitch Perfect 2, for no especially compelling narrative reason, the Barden Bellas, an all-girl a cappella group at a fictional Georgia college, find their...   | Read..

Into the World of Guddu Rangeela

He shot into the spotlight with his 2013 film Jolly LLB, a scathing look at India’s judicial system tinged with humour. This weekend, Subhash Kapoor is here with...   | Read..

Wannabe western

Guddu Rangeela tries to be too many films in one and sometimes all at the same time. There’s a strong current of Gangs of Wasseypur in its gruesome violence, a bit of...   | Read..

The mood at Myx

If actress Shrreya Pande added a touch of white to a Gauri & Nainika flowy dress, buddy Davina Thacker chose a cut-out sailor-striped wrap dress and Geetanjali popped...   | Read..

Campus heroes

Her thing: The undisputed queen of YouTube, Superwoman makes everything from music videos to “Types of People” videos. She has been vlogging since 2010 and...   | Read..

June and Parno talk 30 & 40

The sound of pitter-patter outside and sips of steaming coffee inside made for a perfect t2 date with two Tolly ladies — June and Parno Mittra at Aqua, The Park. The...   | Read..
Bond with Alice at 150