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Friday , June 12 , 2015

Into the unknown

Cynics will say that there is cause for some celebration - a record has been broken. It is mid-2015, and the economic recession that set in in the United States of America, and had its impact, large and small, in different parts of the world, has ......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Instant trouble

Sir - The news that Maggi noodles, a product of Nestle India, contains lead... | Read»


Line of control

In a democracy, the governor of a state has no business to usurp the powers of an elected government. Delhi has an elected government, with Arvind Kejriwal as chief ministe......   | Read..

Blinkers on

To club culture and tourism together under a single Central ministry is to risk trivializing culture and alienating tourists. ...   | Read..

Keep helping others

As the sweltering heat continues in Delhi, voluntary Sikh groups have set up wayside stalls serving water and chhach (watered down buttermilk) to all passers-by. The spirit......   | Read..

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. - GEORGE BERNARD SHAW

The sultan's dream
India became a globalized country officially in the 1990s, but the process of international integration had started centuries ago. Mongol invaders overran large parts of Central Asia and Iran in th......   | Read..
Expletive deleted
Slang is the most expressive, articulate and persuasive language developed by man, or woman as the case could be. Slang doesn't appear on the surface and sink to the bottom like filth; it is born a......   | Read..
Expensive victory
The title of the book says it all. The author states, "The reality is that most of what happens in American politics is transactional." The book begins with Hillary Clinton's famous state......   | Read..
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