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| Thursday, June 11, 2015 |


Pick your test

ACT or SAT? Which is better exam if you want to study abroad? Avijit Chatterjee looks at both, to seek an answer

You have passed your Plus Two board exam with flying colours and feel your high marks are enough to ensure a safe passage abroad. Well, not really. Apart from good scores in school level exams, you also need to submit scores from one or more... | Read»

A philosopher or a spy?

Today, most of us are known by our Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Hike accounts. Our day starts with a “poke” and ends with a good night status update. Social networking sites are our true soul mates with whom we share the good and the... | Read»

‘It took me a long time to integrate with US culture’ 

Abhinit Nagar, a PhD student of innate immunology at Albany Medical College, New York, on recovering from failure, surviving frostbite and getting used to extreme weather 

Q: Why did you choose Albany Medical College for graduate studies? Did you apply to any other university in India or abroad?  | Read»

Get a global MBA


The MBA degree is still one of the most coveted courses for most Indian students. Besides top Indian B-schools, management aspirants are increasingly eyeing courses abroad. An MBA in a foreign university comes with the perks of studying in a multi... | Read»

Little geniuses 


Recently, school students who got international ranks in the Science Olympiads were awarded medals and prizes at the Chinmaya Auditorium in Delhi. The programme was organised by the Science Olympiad Foundation that conducts the National Cyber... | Read»