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| Sunday, June 7, 2015 |


Humour at a click

Online comedy channels are looking to set off a laugh riot and poke fun at everything from Bollywood to high-profile politicians, says Sushmita Biswas

Anandeshwar Dwivedi doesn’t rip off his shirt and he doesn’t have six-pack abs to show off. But you may have caught him in action in a hilarious Web-sketch titled Bhai Ho! in which Dwivedi plays Bollywood’s one-and-only bad boy... | Read»

Millets on the menu

Health-conscious Indians are rediscovering millets and new restaurants are springing up to cater to their tastes, says Anupma Mishra

Heavily-loaded pizzas, delicious kheer, creamy risottos, tempting laddus and glassfuls of soothing buttermilk are the stuff of comfort food right? | Read»

Fringed benefits

Compiled by Treena Mukherjee

Style meets functionality in fringe totes that are trending hugely this season. Top luxury brands have rolled out totes that are roomy and look chic and cool to boot. God is in the detailing and the fringes give the bags a breezy summer look. Take... | Read»

Mezze makeover

Beat the heat with cold mezze platters put together with cooling and light dips, lentils and seasonal vegetables, says Rahul Verma

We had all met for lunch to mark a friend’s 50th birthday. Why on earth was he born in the middle of summer, I asked him, wiping the sweat off my brow with a huge handkerchief.  | Read»

A sound star

Sennheiser’s Urbanite XL is a smart, solidly built pair of headphones that offers high-quality sound, says Tushar Kanwar

It was a category where it was more important to be ‘heard and not seen’, but Beats Audio changed all of that, making your headphones something that needed to be ‘seen and heard’.  | Read»

Making the right moves

Choreographer Ahmed Khan shot to fame overnight with a hit number in Ram Gopal Verma’s film Rangeela

I have had many turning points in my life, both personal and professional, which have changed my life completely. The first major turning point came in 1985 when I was just 11 years old and studying in a school in Pune. After much pestering, my... | Read»