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| Sunday, June 7, 2015 |

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THE ONLINE streaming revolution

With a host of digital platforms sprouting to provide online streaming and video on demand services via the Internet, traditional television viewing in India could become a thing of the past, says Smitha Verma 

It was a packed press conference. The ballroom of a five-star hotel in the capital was dotted with several mini monitors and headsets. Peter Bithos' voice boomed with confidence as he unveiled HOOQ to a room packed with journalists. "This is... | Read»

'Making actors audition for roles doesn't serve any purpose'

Filmmaker Anurag Basu talks about his experience of directing movies and television serials in this extract from a new book by Rakesh Anand Bakshi 

You have lot of experience in theatre, TV and cinema. What are your fundamental experiences in theatre and TV? | Read»

Death of a kingdom

Andrew Duff's book on Sikkim captures the last days of the monarchy and how it came to be annexed by India. Sajeda Momin meets the author

What started out as a personal journey for Andrew Duff, retracing the trek undertaken by his grandfather nearly a century earlier, turned into an adventure involving kings and queens, prime... | Read»

The third eye

Manabi Banerjee is the first transsexual in the country to be appointed principal of a college. She tells Sharmistha Ghosal about her long and hard road to success

In the 25 years that she has spent in classrooms teaching thousands - five years in a school and then the next 20 in a college - she has never looked at her students in the eye | Read»