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| Sunday, May 17, 2015 |

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Goodbye Web, HELLO APPS

On May 15, Myntra, India’s largest fashion website, shut its site and is now operating only through an app. Avijit Chatterjee wonders whether the Web is slowly being edged out by apps

The Bhattacharyas are techno freaks. They usually shop on the Internet. Sumana buys her clothes, Kingshuk gets his gadgets. But more and more they find that they don't log on to websites for their needs - instead, they use mobile applications... | Read»

What's cooking?

The concept of pop-up restaurants — one-day or one-meal restaurants that are here today and gone tomorrow — has caught on in Calcutta. Moumita Chaudhuri samples some of their wares

Change, the wise man said, is the spice of life. Routine can make even the most exciting of events boring. Take the case of a favourite restaurant. You know where it is, what it offers, and what... | Read»

Ad is where the heart is

Ad makers and companies are pushing the envelope with advertisements celebrating the differently abled. V. Kumara Swamy looks at why they are going beyond the conventional

Granddad is worried. His teenage granddaughter is visually impaired, but is off to Europe on a holiday with two friends. But the young girl is confident. For giving her company is a set of... | Read»