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Friday , May 1 , 2015

A tale of two bridges

Traffic flow on national highways is generally smoother than state highways, except when there are accidents or road blocks by political parties or residents in support of some demand. However, the...   | Read..

Centurion tree flowers

It is approximately 60 feet tall and has been standing tall for 100 years. Even the tremors of April 25 or several other natural calamities that have hit West Bengal and...   | Read..

Snatching victory with clean & jerk events

Naba Kumar Pan had made headlines way back in 1985 when he broke British Indian weightlifter, Joe Aleck’s record of 213 kg by lifting 253 kg. The weightlifter had...   | Read..

A club for gymnastics, karate

Madhya Howrah Janakalyan Samity was always a popular sports club in central Howrah. Football, cricket, badminton, volleyball, basketball, carom and chess were some of the...   | Read..

Old Indian martial art revived

Among the many traditions of India, kalaripayattu, the Indian martial art, has gradually gained recognition over the years. Researchers in the field of martial arts say...   | Read..

Cycles and totos congest road

The road that connects GT Road on one end and Bally level crossing on another is called Goswamipara Road. It is an important link road between Bally municipal area and the...   | Read..

Uluberia votes for water, roads

Except for a water treatment plant and a Rabindra Bhavan, the residents of Uluberia Municipality have seen little development in the last 32 years. The Left Front ran the...   | Read..

A story session by top authors

An old patriot and freedom fighter, Amiyababu, feels the urge to hoist a national flag on Independence Day, somewhere near his house. He sets out from his son’s flat...   | Read..
A tale of two bridges