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Sunday , April 19 , 2015

A walk by the lake

When I was a teenager, I came across the word 'backwater'. This was around the same time I was gaining some understanding of the wider world outside our city, a Copernican realization that the world did not revolve around Calcutta. Living in semi-......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Bridge the gap

Sir - Recently, we went on a trip to Bakkhali. For reaching the place, one ... | Read»

Timely retort

Sir - A Muslim girl, Mariyam Asif Siddiqui, won the Bhagvad Gita contest or... | Read»

Memorable time

Sir - The article, "Love by the Nile" (April 5), talked about the popularit... | Read»


Post sabbatical rest

Rahul Gandhi's mysterious disappearance and subsequent return demonstrate his growing irrelevance to Indian politics...   | Read..
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bullet Long wait
bullet Power cut
bullet More worries
bullet Free lunches
bullet Sign language

Which is better? - To have surrendered to temptation; listened to passion; made no painful effort - no struggled; - but to have sunk down in the silken snare; fallen asleep on the flower covering it; wakened in a southern clime, amongst the luxuries of a pleasure villa: to have been now living in France, Mr. Rochester's mistress; delirious with his love half my time - for he would - oh, yes, he would have love me well for a while. - CHARLOTTE BRONTË