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| Sunday, April 19, 2015 |

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The next big star

Almost 25 years ago, Shah Rukh Khan seamlessly moved from television to cinema. A young man called Sushant Singh Rajput — one of the few TV actors to have carved out a successful career in Bollywood — seems to be following in his footsteps. Rajput, who was Dibakar Banerjee’s Byomkesh in his latest film, is emerging as a star, writes Smitha Verma

The year was 1998. A young boy, dressed in whites and carrying a cricket bat, walked into the school ground. He had one ball to prove himself and get a place in the school cricket team. A bunch of classmates, mostly girls, cheered him as he faced... | Read»

With a smile and a thumbs-up

Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop answered a series of questions posed by a newspaper with them. The Guardian tweeted US President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address with them. Indeed, emojis have become a whole new language, says Abimanyu Nagarajan 

Going to the pub in the evening and want to let a friend know? Send her the image of a frothy beer mug. Cousin getting married? Text her a sparkling ring. Angry with the world? There's a purple... | Read»

Making the right moves

Dance movement therapy is helping those suffering from depression, stress and nerve disorders and has been catching on, says Sharmistha Ghosal

As the music filled the small room, a bunch of children started to tap their feet to it. Some matched steps with the rhythm and some could not, but they were all dancing. Only 13-year-old Laxmi... | Read»

'Sex was the battleground in my soul'

Smitha Verma meets headline-hitting Australian writer Christos Tsiolkas

Never judge a book by the author's looks. It's difficult to believe that the soft-spoken, mild-mannered man sitting across me can write about sex, violence and drugs so unabashedly. But when I tell... | Read»